Fax Ink Films

Brother PC-302
Brother PC-402
Canon IFA501-TR177
Panasonic KX-FA52E
Panasonic KX-FA54
Panasonic KX-FA55
Panasonic KX-FA57-93
Panasonic KX-FA136
Philips FA331
Philips Magic 5 SERIES
Philips PFA322-Magic 2
Sharp FO-3CR
Sharp FO-5CR
Sharp FO-9CR
Sharp FO-15CR
Toshiba IF-03

We also have compatible fax ink films for :
Brother, Canon, Daewoo, Invatech, Muratech, Nucleus, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox. Contact us for more details.